Thanks to our IL and friend!

We are now less than one month away from our TLDSB Dragons Den pitches. All 27 groups have finalized their products/business and are continuing to gather research and find ways to improve their products and plans.

However I want to spend a moment talking about one of our adult collaborators (Mr. Peter Yungblut). Last year he assisted us by interviewing parents and students involved in our collaborative learning project.

This year, he has been working hard behind the scenes to gather dragons to listen to our student pitches and ask important questions. The inclusion of local business leaders and educators will provide the students with a real world experience (something we are striving for as educators). Peter’s hard work and dedication to the project is continuing to improve it, He continues to make strong connections with our community and use them to provide all the students with an authentic learning experience. In the beginning our project included 3 schools and over 100 grade 7/8 students. Now it not only includes them but also community members who can bring their expertise and experience to our students. This is what education should be about!!

On behalf of everyone who is involved in the Dragons Den, thank you Peter for being so dedicated to this project, our students and creating a unique learning experience in our board!